Italy: Retargeting E-mails have 14x higher CTR

Italy: A new Remintrex study published today on Engage shows that sending retargeting e-mails gives a click-through-rate 4 times higher than traditional mass mailing within the finance and telecommunication verticals and nearly 14 times higher in e-commerce!

Thirty years after its introduction, e-mail remains an important tool for the digital communication. Thanks to its high ROI and the ability to measure the results, e-mail has established itself over time as a standard part of the marketing mix and has become more and more effective thanks to technological developments.

Today retargeting e-mails, which are based on relevant and personalised messages in line with the behaviour of potential customers on the website, are a critical success factor and outperform traditional generic mailing.

This is what emerges from a study conducted by Remintrex in Italy between January and May 2015, in which 500,000 e-mails were sent within the e-commerce sector and the same within the financial and telecommunication sector. The messages were sent first to randomly selected contacts and then, later, in a targeted way to the visitors from these three different sectors.

Analysing the results, it emerged that in the case of targeted messages sent according to the Remintrex e-mail retargeting, the CTR in e-commerce was 5.5%, compared to 0.4% with the traditional mailing, thus 14 times higher. Interesting results occurred also with regard to the financial sector, often associated with spam, where the CTR was 3.1%, much higher than the 0.7% of mass mailing. Finally, regarding the telecommunication sector, the CTR realised with retargeting e-mails was 4.4%, compared to 1% with traditional mailing.

 “To get attention from the multitude of messages that arrive every day it is increasingly important to choose a personalised communication – said Florian Werner, CEO of Remintrex-. As shown in this comparative study, massive anonymous mailings are no longer effective. Customers must, in fact, be able to identify themselves in the message they receive. Retargeting e-mails offers the best chance to approach potential customers based on their behaviour on the website, even before they are registered or have done the first purchase“.