Retargeting E-mails Outperform Mass E-mails

A new Remintrex study published today on Lead Digital reveals that opening rate of retargeting e-mails is at least 5 times higher than the opening rate of mass mailing and the click-through-rate (CTR) is up to 16 times higher.

The study aggregated data was collected in Germany from 500.000 e-mails sent by Remintrex between the end of January and the end of Mai 2015. Three categories – finance, telecommunication and e-commerce – were explored in the study. In this A/B test the same e-mails from an advertiser were sent to contacts selected randomly and to retargeted users who visited the advertiser`s website.

The opening rate of retargeting e-mails increased in all the analysed categories from 3-5% to 26-28% when sending retargeting e-mails instead of mass mailing.

Click-through-rate of retargeting e-mails was found 7 times more effective than the CTR of mass mailing in the e-commerce category, 10 times more effective in the telecommunication category, and 16 times more effective in the finance category.

These statistics are an indisputable proof of the effectiveness of retargeting e-mails, which Remintrex offers to all its advertisers without any setup fee and with performance-base model.