Our first Web-to-Print Retargeting test in Italy has just started and we are excited about the postcards that will be sent in the next few days to 1.000 users who visited the fashion e-commerce website

The main ingredients for this Web-to-Print Retargeting test were a passionate graphic expert to design the postcards, a competent IT engineer to match the visited products with the right postal addresses, a local printing house to respect all the national requirements, a determined project manager to speed up the process and, most important, the amazing technology behind Remintrex.

At Remintrex we offer with a single (and free) integration on the advertiser`s website multiple retargeting solutions to convert lost web visitors into new customers. Web-to-Print Retargeting is just one of our tools that e-commerce portals, marketing agencies and all firms operating online can use to connect again with the visitors who left the website without taking the desired action.

For this test in Italy we identified the postal address of approximately 50% of the recognized users on the advertiser`s website. These users, who previously expressed their interest in being contacted with special offers, were not registered on, thus the company could not contact them directly. Thanks to Remintrex technology, the 1.000 visitors taking part to this test will receive in the next days a personal 20% discount on their shopping on the fashion e-commerce. The peculiarity of Web-to-Print Retargeting is that the content of the postcard is personalized based on gender and products visited by the users.  You can imagine how such advertising creates a higher emotional involvement for the receiver who sees exactly his favourite products printed on the back of the postcard. The potential of Web-to-Print Retargeting, however, regards not only the sales conversion compared to a traditional form of printed mass advertising. It also affects positively the brand image, which the final consumer will perceive closer to his own taste.


In Italy we decided to test four different graphics to check if it is possible to track a preference pattern. Based on the gender declared by the recognized users, we designed a Web-to-Print version for female and one for male visitors. These two versions differ not only on the background colour used on the front of the postcard, but also on the image used to catch the attention. The second variable included in this test concerns the back of the postcard, where we changed the quantity and size of the retargeted products. From the product feeds we have access to the product picture, brand name, model name, and price. In one case we inserted four products, while in the other case we chose one bigger image to put more emphasis on that specific product. Of course, having a clear understanding of the online shopping funnel, we gave preference to the products from the basket when retargeting users who did not purchase anything online but already selected specific items and put them in their cart. Understanding which products attracted the users` interest combined with the possibility offered by Remintrex to contact these users in a personal way is the key for all companies to establish a direct dialog with customers.

We are looking forward to seeing the results of this test in Italy and hearing your experience with direct advertising! If you would like to receive more information about Web-to-Print Retargeting, write us or check our next blog article with the updates about the test campaigns.